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Revealing “Notes” in practice management software that tackles miscommunication in Accounting firm

Revealing “Notes” in practice management software that tackles miscommunication in Accounting firm

In any accounting firm internal communication is very important. Just one cannot do more work but a team can create miracles. In a team we can find all kinds of people there like people having less experience, people having more experience, main boss who is handling everything, No one knows everything but Everyone knows few things There is something to learn from everyone.

When we are working on some task, if we misunderstand something it may create a huge issue. The whole work can stop by this and this may cause miscommunication between employees. To solve this problem eProcessify - Practice management software, has launched a notes feature. This functionality you may have seen in many software but , you can use this from email that is something unique.

Using these notes right helps the accounting team talk better, avoid misunderstandings, and keep the work going smoothly. Remember, in accounting, clear communication isn't just passing on information—it keeps things accurate and the team working well together. Just a minute I will take you through our notes feature

  • You just need to click on notes, and your internal communication is on,You just need to mention to whom you are addressing with the “@” symbol

Notes feature details in accounting practice management software

  • The message will go to a particular person, Your whole team, whoever working on it can see your message and can reply to your message.

  • They have provision to reply to it from their inbox also, Messages will pop up in their inbox you can reply to it from there also.

  • And if user have any unread notes in any work item, it will be highlighted.

  • While email allows communication, it lacks the immediacy of Instant messaging and that too in the context of work. In instant messaging, we experience real-time interaction, as if the person is with us.

  • When a team member is out of the office and you send them a message by mentioning their name, that team member will receive an email notification. To respond to the message, the team member doesn't need to log in to the app; they can simply reply via email, and the message will be immediately displayed within the work item.

Considering this, we've developed our email task management software. It enables real-time task comment, fostering live conversations just like talking face-to-face. This aids in instant team communication, boosting overall productivity.

Benefits from notes:

  • You can directly start instant messaging with your team members just by clicking in notes tab on work

  • You can also message with team member through email , and while messaging it seems to you like instant messaging without sending emails like disjointed threads

  • Whatever messaging is going on and whatever communication has done regarding tasks is properly maintained in the communication trail, any one from the team goes through a communication trail related to the task and even new employees can go through it and get ideas about it.

Notes communication trail
Communication Trail

  • Through this no one can deny what they had told and it will help you in taking right decision and it is very helpful in solving problems also.

I am sure, everyone has faced this problem at any point of their life, eProcessify - Accounting practice management software, helps you in Avoiding miscommunication and having clarity about tasks .This can solve 50% of problems. We are Just trying to make your life stress free. Then why contact us today at eProcessify and have happy managing.


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