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How Email and Task Management Software reduce miscommunication

Stressed without email and task management software

Accountants spend around 2.5 hours daily on emails, but email overload can hinder productivity. Team members often get emails about clients they're not directly handling, leading to confusion. Searching for emails from the past six months becomes tricky, causing important information to be lost. Miscommunication between clients and the team is also common due to emails lacking context.

Team members sometimes open emails meant for others, causing oversight and lost messages. Overloaded with work, they might forget to follow up with clients, causing problems as time is limited in accounting firms. Poor email organization leads to misunderstandings with clients, affecting relationships.

In larger firms, it's unclear which team member is communicating with clients. To improve productivity and communication, organizing and segregating emails is vital. Each team member should receive relevant emails only, reducing confusion and improving efficiency. This also ensures crucial emails aren't missed, preventing misunderstandings and saving time. With organized emails, client interactions become smoother and accountability is enhanced. Overall, proper email management is key to a successful accounting Firms.

with and without email task management software

What is email and task management software?

Email and task management software is the fusion of task management and email functionality. Merely relying on task management isn't sufficient to tackle the email-related challenges that employees encounter. However, the solution lies in employing an email and task management software. This software ensures effective email segregation, allowing for precise categorization. It enables the creation of tasks, prompt replies to notes and comments, and even facilitates real-time team communication within the inbox. Furthermore, the tool's automation feature plays a vital role by setting reminders for crucial activities like data collection, tax payments, and addressing queries. In essence, email task management not only refines email handling but also serves as a catalyst for cohesive teamwork and seamless operations.

The role of email and task management software is particularly vital for managers, specifically in tackling the daily challenge of task assignment. For managers, especially when overseeing large teams, the mornings often bring the complexity of remembering who's handling which task. Additionally, keeping track of team members' interactions with clients can become an intricate puzzle. This software in accounting acts as a comprehensive solution, resolving these hurdles and efficiently managing both team members and client correspondence.

Accounting task management software

Benefits of using email and task management Software

Reduces the time and effort needed to create task

One of the main advantages is that it saves time and effort. While using email task management software, tasks can be directly created through email instead of going through tasks and who they're assigned to. This makes things smoother and lets managers focus on more important tasks.

Communication Trails are properly maintained

Centralised organization is another advantage. All important information resides in one place, eliminating the need to juggle multiple tabs simultaneously. The software in accounting facilitates clear communication trails and the categorization of emails based on clients and tasks, promoting an organized workflow that minimizes stress and enhances efficiency.

Makes Tracking tasks easier

The software in accounting practice management software also proves invaluable in task tracking. Communication trails provide insights into ongoing activities, revealing the sender and recipient of unread messages. This feature offers an overview of task statuses and the team members involved, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Gets things done faster

Improved productivity is yet another advantage. The software enables streamlined email sorting, providing a clear communication trail directly within the inbox. The organized email repository simplifies retrieval, saving approximately an hour of manual search time.

Helps everyone work together smoothly.Moreover, the software fosters seamless collaboration. By segregating emails, each team member receives messages relevant to their tasks, reducing misunderstandings and fostering a harmonious work environment. The tool further assists team members by offering email drafts and automated reminders for payment collection, queries, and data compilation. This fosters effective communication between team members and clients, alleviating stress and allowing managers to focus on enhancing firm productivity.

Email Clarity and Precision:

There is no confusion Our Email and Task Management Software is designed to send every assigned task directly to your team members' email inboxes. No chance to uncertainties as this approach ensures seamless coordination on both ends.

Effortless Tracking and Prioritization:

Think of your email inbox like a tool to track tasks. With our software, emails show how tasks are going. You can handle your work better by deciding which tasks are most important using emails. Deal with urgent emails before others. Also, you can sort emails by clients and services, which helps you stay organized and get more done.

Efficiency with Email Drafts:

eProcessify offers pre-written email templates in our top accounting software to help simplify client communication. This means you won't need to stress about how to format your emails, organize the content, or remember crucial information. With eProcessify, your team can easily connect with clients without any hassle, ensuring that every interaction is smooth and consistent. Using these predefined email templates not only saves time but also ensures that your messages are professional and effective, ultimately enhancing your client relationships.

email and task management

Empowerment through Email Automation:

Embrace the power of automation. Our software empowers you to automate emails for critical tasks such as document collection, payment reminders, and addressing queries. You have the flexibility to customize the frequency of email delivery, ensuring your communication remains timely and relevant.

Email task

Features of email task management software

Combine Single or Multiple Support Emails

eProcessify is Best email management tool, you can start using eProcessify just by adding your email as support email and start sending and receiving emails. If you have support emails department-wise, you can add multiple support emails. This way, eProcessify will act as an aggregator, and your team need not switch between multiple emails.

Each Team Member Gets Their Own Inbox, With One Shared Support Email

Receiving all client emails in a single inbox can lead to miscommunication among team members. This approach could result in emails being overlooked and potential confusion about client assignments. Moreover, granting every team member access to all clients may cause issues. Identifying which team member communicated with a specific client can also become challenging.

To solve this problem eProcessify offers distinct inboxes for each team member. This ensures clear client assignment and eliminates any potential misunderstandings within the team. Additionally, you won't need to worry about tracking which team member is communicating with a client, alleviating any associated stress.

Send email directly from task

When you need to email a team member or client, traditionally, you'd have to create an email mentioning the client's name, service details, and the specific task in question.

eProcessify simplifies this process by allowing you to send emails directly from the task, requiring you to only provide the necessary information.

Task management software

Resend Email Alerts if Clients Delay Their Responses

In Accounting firms there is continuous exchange of emails between team and client for document collection, payment and for queries. Forgetting to follow up after sending an email to a client can lead to significant issues.

Our software helps you with automating emails for critical tasks such as document collection, payment reminders, and addressing queries. You can customize the frequency of email delivery, ensuring your communication remains timely and relevant.

Email and task management software

Team members only view emails related to their assigned clients.

When a client replies, it comes to the support email, visible to all team members, which will cause many problems.

However,Email and task management software, client replies are directed to the inbox of the specific team member handling the task. Other team members won't have access to it, ensuring that only those involved in the task can view and respond to the emails.

Improve teamwork by including comments with emails

With our task management software that focuses on emails, you can reply to comments right from your email inbox.

No need to switch to another tab or window. When you reply to an email that's related to a task, your response gets added to the Task comments automatically. This helps everyone working on the task to see what's going on.

It's like having everything in one place, making work easier, more productive, and helping everyone understand the project better.

Don't forward – tag team, pull them into the chat

Forwarding emails to everyone and waiting for a reply can lead to issues, especially if the right person isn't available to respond. You might end up needing to forward the message again to the right person, causing a hassle.

To tackle this, eProcessify introduces task comments that work from emails. You can reply to them directly from your email, almost like instant messaging, making communication smoother.

Instant messaging in Email management solution

Easily link emails to tasks,maintaining communication history

Using email alone makes it challenging to maintain a clear communication trail for tasks, especially when dealing with multiple clients and tasks. It becomes difficult to keep track of client-specific communication.

However, eProcessify's email management tool helps maintain an organized communication trail. Every interaction between you, the client, and your team is linked to the corresponding task, ensuring you can easily follow the complete communication history.

Communication trail with email  task management

Create tasks directly from emails with simplicity

Unlike going to workplace and creating task, You can directly create task through our email, By adding create task just by clicking on task assigning one click you can add assignee name and approver name directly from there, Thus by this feature we can communication with client with clarity.

Create task from email in accounting task management software

Why choose us

  • eProcessify- unifies workplace, emails, and Invoices at one place.

  • It provides support through email and phone

  • We have a special training program designed just for new employees.

  • eProcessify ensures security through Amazon Cloud infrastructure

eProcessify- email task management software 2023 will transform the way you think about bothersome emails with our email organization tool. Our tool helps you sort emails, send them with just one click, create drafts easily, and set reminders for things like payments, questions, and collecting documents from emails.

Get eProcessify now and see your inbox turn into a helpful tool for managing tasks. Remember, life is too short to spend it on long, frustrating email conversations.


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