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Purchase Entry in ZOHO Books and Tally is now Simpler than Ever

  • Automate extraction of important information from Purchase invoices in PDF or image format

  • Save 60% time on data entry and with 100% accuracy using AI-backed OCR techology

  • Save hundred of hours of manual work

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How it works?

Replace manual invoice data entry with eProcessify Capture ​

Easily upload multiple purchase invoices in seconds, either manually or directly from your email using our simple Gmail Add-on

Accurate invoice capture

Confirm accounting and ERP software entries with invoice information, ensuring invoice mee, eliminating manual verification tasks, reducing errors

Capture invoice information
AI Based Accounts Payable Automation
Map data from captured information of Invoice to Zoho books

Intelligent Data Mapping

eProcessify Capture uses Natural language Processing (NLP) to convert invoice data into accounting or ERP software, reducing human errors and improving accuracy by matching data with vendor records, line items, and accounting categories. NLP will immediately assist in the upcoming book entry, minimising manual mistake and effort.

Invoice Validation

Bookkeeping Data Entry Automation streamlines financial processes by confirming accounting and ERP software entries with invoice information, ensuring vendor and receiver GSTINs and total amount accuracy, eliminating manual verification tasks, reducing errors, and accelerating invoice processing.

Simple Invoice Search

With an easy-to-use interface, eProcessify Capture streamlines the process of finding purchase invoices. It enables fast search of information based on characteristics such as invoice number, vendor name, date, or amount, hence improving efficiency and saving time in the invoice management process.

No More Paper Records

The use of physical papers is eliminated by eProcessify Capture, which streamlines the storing of digital invoices. This improves accessibility, lowers expenses and clutter, and secures purchase invoices. Time and space are saved because invoices are readily available from any location with an internet connection.


Upload Bills from GMail

eProcessify Capture's Gmail Add-on feature simplifies the process of uploading purchase invoices, integrating seamlessly with Gmail. This eliminates the need for manual downloads, saving time and reducing manual effort in the invoice capture process.

Combine the purchase invoices from all companies

Easily track how many purchase invoices are outstanding, posted, partially paid, or fully paid by centralising purchase invoices from several companies onto a single platform.




Free Forever

1 company

10 Scan Points*

5 users




10 Scan Points*

Unlimited Users

50 scan points @ 150

* 1 scan point = 1 invoice page

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