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Creating Task directly from email in Accounting Practice Management Software

Creatinng task from email in Accounting practice management software

When a small or medium-sized team has only one email, there's a problem. No one takes charge when a client sends work emails, so helping clients becomes tough in your Accounting firm.

In big Accounting firms with everyone having their email, it's a little tricky. The manager gets work emails from clients but can't directly tell the team what to do through email. They need to send it to the right person. And there's no task made, so it's hard to know who should do what.

But there's a solution for both cases: creating tasks directly from email. This way, everyone knows their jobs. The tool makes work better for everyone.

You can easily create task by adding following fields (with some fields being optional):

  • Template Name*: Easily select the template/service you want to create a task for email.

  • Client Name*: Choose the client's name from a list within the software.

  • Due Date: Assign a specific deadline for the task.

  • Billable settings: Input the service charge.

  • Assign Task: Assign the task to a team member.

  • Assigning Approver: Designate an approver for the task. Only two fields are mandatory, all other fields are optional.

These user-friendly customization features in our software simplify task management. This system streamlines the workflow and reduces manual input, saving time and enhancing overall productivity in your processes.

Creating task directly from practice management software

With the help of our Accounting firm management software manage tasks in better way

Save Time: No need to repeat details and play with email forwarding. This quickens the process and saves time.

No Missed Tasks: Creating tasks instantly ensures nothing gets overlooked. Tasks are right there, leaving no chance for things to slip through.

Swift Action: Emails generated from tasks go straight to the right people - assignees and approvers. They can jump into action immediately.

Faster Turnaround Time (TAT): With the responsibility now delegated to the concerned person, they can promptly take action, leading to a quicker turnaround time (TAT).

Accountability: Formal task creation and assignment instill a sense of responsibility and accountability in the concerned person, enabling them to perform better.

In short, the benefits are clear: time saved, tasks well-tracked, and faster work initiation, faster turn-around-time, and accountability.

Our Accounting Practice management software helps you do tasks in accounting. It connects emails and tasks so you don't forget things. Click to turn emails into tasks easily.

Use eProcessify to change You work better. Work well together and fit tasks. Improve your accounting with eProcessify. It's simple and saves time. Do better work. Contact us now! It's good for small and big firms. Try eProcessify - Practice management software Accounting firm and CA today and do your best work!


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