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Automatically Generate Invoices: With Invoice generator software

Top bill generator software

This is a major problem many CA firms face: how to automate the billing process without getting overwhelmed. Here's how you can easily generate invoice by our Best billing software just by spending a few hours configuring your CA firm needs.

This blog is meant for those who are already using Workplace app and want to use Invoices app. At the end, you will configure the Workplace app so that invoices will be auto-generated in Invoices app. Here are the steps:

Setup Invoice Accounts (Easy. Takes 5 mins)

  • Navigate to Settings from left menu panel

  • Navigate "Invoice Settings" tab

  • Click "Edit" icon against Invoice Account.

Top Invoice generator software
Invoice Accounts
  • Edit Basic Details - Name, Email Address, Country and State.

  • Tax ID - If you have GST, provide GSTIN here, so, it will be displayed in invoice in Bill From section.

  • Client Notes and Payment Terms are optional fields. But it is good idea to set. Client Notes - You can add your bank details and UPI id to make payment Payment Terms - You can add your payment terms if you want to charge client for late payments.

Best Invoice generator software

Note - If you want to add multiple accounts, you can create one by clicking "Add Account" button

Add Invoice Accessors (Easy. Takes 1 min)

Below Invoice accounts, you can also give authority for Invoices to your team members.

Invoice App Settings (Easy. Takes 1 min)

Now, navigate to Invoices app from Invoices menu option in left menu panel. It will open new tab. In Invoices app, navigate to Settings from left menu panel

Bill gernerator software menu invoices
Invoices Menu option

General Settings: Navigate to General tab

  1. HSN/SAC code: Set generic 4 digit SAC code. For Accounting and Legal services, the 4 digit SAC code is 9982.

  2. Proforma: If you want to send Proforma invoices, enable Proforma invoices by checking the checkbox.

Set Proforma and HSN/SAC Code
Set Proforma and HSN/SAC Code

Set Invoice Configuration of Client

  • Single Client Navigate to Clients option from left menu panel. Search the client whose configuration you want to set and click.

    • Account configuration: Navigate on Invoice Settings tab and set the Invoice account from which you want to generate invoice.

    • Bill configuration: Set the task to billable by clicking toggle button. If enabled, you will need to set price/cost of the service and invoice periodicity.

Best Invoice generator Invoice account
Set Invoice Account from which to auto generate Invoice of the client
  • Multiple Clients You can set the configuration of the multiple clients through excel sheet, much similar to what you do for adding multiple clients. Navigate to Clients option from left menu panel. Click the Setup button and click the template link under Invoice setup.

Download Invoice config setup Template
Download Invoice config setup Template

It will download the sheet with all your clients. You need to set the price/cost of the service for each client and invoice periodicity. Prepare the sheet, attach it and click import button Now, once you have configured everything, the moment your tasks will be completed by your team, it will auto generate the invoices. So, now invoices are never delayed and you will never miss sending invoices. Do you want to start free trail on Invoice generator software click here


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