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It's like air traffic control for your business

We help you organize your business better by giving visibility into what needs to be done right now so that you never miss an important deadline again!

visibility - accounting practice management software


Know work status like never before

Not only it gives high level status of the work in terms of what is pending and what is completed but it can also provide extra layer of information with the help of labels which helps your team to take informed decisions. It allows you to assign labels so that you can filter out the information based on these labels. 

visibility - tax practice management software

Don’t lose track of who is doing what

It's too easy for employees to miss deadlines, forget tasks, or not take their work seriously. Surveys show that 62% of employees think they are not held accountable for their work.

Hold your team members accountable with the help of an audit trail of all their actions within the app. That way, if there is ever any discrepancy on who did what and when it was done, then this app will let you find out immediately!

Convey your team knowledge effectively

Most of the firms settle for a plain text content with no formatting or templates and then use email to communicate the knowledge base to team members.  It's time consuming and ineffective.

Create your own checklists templates in rich text format with images. You can also upload drafts and documents templates which you want to share with your team as a part of the checklist.

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