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Our statement on Security

Utilizing eProcessify daily keeps our team organized, connected, and dedicated to achieving results. Maintaining the security of our platform is crucial for safeguarding data, and prioritizing the protection of your information is our utmost concern.

eProcessify Security Policies and Procedure

Each eProcessify staff member is required to adhere to our data confidentiality policies outlined on and Access privileges to our codebase, server and data are determined by the employee's job function and role.

eProcessify Security Policies and Procedure

eProcessify employs the Git revision control system. Modifications to the product code base undergo a series of automated tests and are subject to both automated and manual reviews. Upon successfully passing the automated testing phase, the changes are initially applied to a staging server, allowing eProcessify employees to assess and test the modifications before a final push to production servers for our customer base. Additionally, eProcessify engineers have the capability to promptly implement critical updates by "cherry-picking" and pushing them directly to production servers.

Encrypted Transactions

Web connections to the eProcessify service are via TLS 1.2 and above

Privacy Policy

eProcessify’s privacy policy, which describes how we handle data input into our service, can be found at

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