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It's way of working together

The biggest problem in any organization is lack of communication. With different people working on different things, it can be difficult to keep up with what each person is doing, and miscommunication can happen easily.
With eProcessify, have one place where all conversations are happening so that there are no blind spots for anyone. Moreover, when you start a conversation with someone, all stakeholders will be notified so they can also join in on the discussion.

colaboration - accounting practice management software


Collaborative checklist

Within each checklist, there are set of tasks to perform. You can assign different task to different members and set the individual responsibility for them to work together.

collaborative checklist
metion team member

Discuss work and get work done

Discuss work within work itself, easily mention your team member and he/she gets instantly notify so that everyone is on same page and there is no communication gap.

Provide extra layer of information

The time spent on tracking things down, keeping track of what has been done and notifying others can be a huge waste of time. Allows teams to collaborate effectively by adding an extra layer called labels which can even be applied automatically with rules.

collaboration - labels
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