CA Office Management Software

Automate your monthly recurring task, Improve your services significantly, Boost customer satisfaction, Higher employee engagement and job satisfaction



Automate your monthly, quarterly, and yearly recurring tasks. It helps you improve your services and boost customer satisfaction


Automate sending email and SMS for receiving records

Without automation of your recurring work, CA office management software will be of no use. 

We understand the pain of reminding and following up with client for sending records so that you can start the work. Sooner you receive the record, sooner you can start and complete the work on time. It will not only help in improving your services but also will give you peace of mind.  

CA office management software uses email as well as SMS to send reminder. You can configure highly personalised email for each of your client.


Automate task creation and assignment

The best CA office management software automates the task creation and task assignment. After first setup, it will automatically create the checklist automatically every month (GSTR3B, GSTR1), quarter (GSTR1, GST-CMP08) and year (ITR, Audit, etc.). Moreover, it will also assign the task the same employee to whom it was assigned last month/quarter/year.
You need not call employees and ask for status. With few clicks you can know the status of each employee and you can also assign the work quickly if needed anytime easily from web as well as mobile.
When you assign the checklist to your staff, CA practice management software sends an email as well as mobile notification to your staff so he will never miss any information.



When any one of your employee is on leave, other staff member should able to takeover his work. It will be easier for him if he knows the exact status of the work. CA office management software, eProcessify, will help your team to collaborate like never before.


Invite Team Members

In eProcessify, you can add managers, employees as well as guest. This CA office management software allows guest who are clients to collaborate with you.
Ideally guest will be the accounting department of your client who can collaborate effectively with you in Audit. 

Managers can see all the checklist but employees and guest will able to see only the checklist which are assigned to them.

Manager and employees can change the status of the tasks and checklist. But guest cannot change the status but can only track the status of the work, add the comments or upload an attachments for your team.

Screen Shot 2020-11-25 at 7.56.41 PM.png

Collaborate efficiently

Whenever any task is pending because of some query from client or if we are filing NIL return, CA office management software informs all the stakeholders working on that task.

You can add notes and comments to the checklist and tasks respectively.
Moreover, you can mention the team members if you have any questions for them while working on checklist. When you mention your team members in notes, he receives the email as well as push notification on his mobile. So, he can answer your query directly from mobile anytime anywhere.



Always know the status of everything, anytime and anywhere. CA office management software gives clarity and visibility of organization. Thus it helps you improve the efficiency of your organization.


Clear Visibility of Work Status

Dashboard itself will give you clear status of the work. You need not call the staff for status. CA office management software will give you a clear status of the work which are  not started, in process and awaiting reply.

Moreover, you can change the date and view the status of whole financial year or single month. You can also check how much work is pending of any employee for that month. You can view the status of any of your client for whole financial year by simply adding filters.

You can view the status anytime anywhere from mobile as well.


Activity feed

CA office management software should also keep an audit trail of the work done by your staff so we can held them accountable.

In eProcessify, you can view both organisation activity feed as well as the checklist activity feed. Activity feed enables you to monitor the activity going in your organisation. It will also keep the audit trail of the work completed by your staff, so that you can make them accountable for the work they are completing. Moreover, it also gives you another way to easily navigate to the checklist.

You can view the activity feed from mobile anytime anywhere.



When you sort the physical files, you stick the labels to them. In the same way, you can create the labels as per the working style of your organisation, and apply the labels to the checklists. CA office management software also enables you to filter the checklist by labels.

For instance: You can create the label, Tax Payment Pending. And while working on GSTR3B returns, once you complete the work, you can apply the label Tax Payment Pending which will also keep other stakeholders informed that this task is pending because of tax payment.

You can filter the checklist by labels from mobile as well so that you can able to view the status anytime anywhere.



Workflow gives clear guidelines to your employee regarding work. This helps in increasing job satisfaction. Moreover, it also makes sure that everyone works in same manner.


Predefined SOPs

When we start growing, we understand the importance of processes. eProcessify have pre-defined comprehensive SOPs for most of the tasks of chartered accountants. CA office management software makes sure that everyone works in same manner and you will not see any surprises if everyone is following the same process.

Organization can also have it’s own SOPs. They just need to provide the SOP in excel sheet format so that we can import in eProcessify for them.


Track Progress

Once the checklist are created, and your staff started working, it is easy to track progress. CA office management software will show you the progress bar and you will have clear idea of which task is completed how much in terms of percentage. It is very useful un Audits to know the status of the audit in terms of percentage. 

Also, you can sort the task by progress high to low.


Password Management

Store your GST/IT and any other passwords securely with eProcessify. Moreover, eProcessify password extension enable you to easily login to GST website without entering password within Google Chrome itself. No need to use third party software.


Store Passwords

With eProcessify, you can store any passwords (GST, ITR, or any other) securely. CA office management software will encrypt the passwords using the private key of your organization. Private key is sent on your organization email.

We don’t store the private key on our servers and it is your asset. So, please store the private key at secure place. If it happened that you loose your organization private key, then you will again need to import your passwords and we’ll regenerate you the private key which will be again sent on your email.


Autofill Password

eProcessify also provide you small and very useful utility which will help you to login to GST or IT website seamlessly. 

Many times you need to login to GST website for various reason. This utility shows you eProcessify toolbar when you visit the GST and IT login page.
Your staff just need to type the company name and select the company. CA office management software will auto fill the username and password for you. Now enter the captcha and you will login to the website. No need to go the other software or excel sheet.



CA Office Management Software helps initial setup to import all the pending task in the organization from excel sheet.


Easy Setup

eProcessify provides you a easy setup from excel sheet. It is rather impossible to create 100s of clients and then create checklist. CA office management software provide you excel sheet where you can list down all your client list and just enable the services you provide to them.

Upload the excel sheet and press import to start importing. For 1000 clients, it take around 30 mins to do whole setup. As soon as import is successful, you will receive an email from CA office management software.



5000 INR/year


  • upto 5 users

  • 250 clients

10000 INR/year


  • upto 10 users

  • 500 clients

15000 INR/year


  • upto 15 users

  • 750 employees

20000 INR/year


  • upto 20 users

  • 1000 employees


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