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Automate the repetitive. Automate the routine.

You hire people for their skills and not to perform low value work like chasing clients for data, creating spreadsheets of task, and maintaining work status. Automate so your team can give more time for your customers.

ca office automation


Automate data collection and file storage

No more forgetting to follow up with your client every month, quarter or year. Our team at eProcessify has also added a new attachment feature that will store any attachments you send in an email within a checklist to make it easier to manage.

automate data collection
automate task creation

Automate checklist creation

Checklists are a great way to make sure your team doesn't miss any steps, but it can be tough to manage all your clients and create recurring checklist every month, quarter or year. eProcessify automates recurring checklist creation and helps easily manage and track checklist progress.

Automate using Rules

Let eProcessify manage your work for you with its easy-to-use interface that has customizable rules. Define rules for the recurring task patterns you see while performing any work. eProcessify automates those recurring pattern saving your time and efforts.

automate using rules
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